Sunday, 1 May 2011

Caught up!

So I’m supposed to be doing the Crescent skirt sew along but what with Easter weekends away, Royal Weddings and day trips to London to visit the British Museum (seriously what a brilliant place, I loved it, it was amazing all the beautiful things to see there as long as you put aside the imperial idea that we could go anywhere in the world and take it back to Britain!  Now all this stuff is displayed for us to see and learn from and they have some great kids trails to do, we did Egyptians and Dragons yesterday.) I haven’t been a very good sew alonger! I got as far as tracing out the pattern in the size I thought I wanted and that was it, and that happened back on on 18 April when Tasia posted her Lets get started post.  It sat there staring indignantly at me thinking ‘I’ve been dumped, I’m destined to become a UFO!’ so this morning I guiltily gathered all my bits together and kicked my butt into gear.  Choosing to ignore my family (come on its been the school holidays, 2 long weekends, I’m sure they have seen more than enough of me to tolerate one morning of independent play and their father can refer any arguments as well as I can!) and got myself caught up. 

I decided not to make a full muslin as I felt it was only the yoke that needed checking. After sewing the curved seam wrong a grand total of 8 times (I know, I don’t understand it either, I think it was because there is no right and wrong side of the fabric I was using, either that or I’m a worse seamstress than I thought I was!) I finally got a decent yoke.  I sewed it in Frost Fleece so I’m not going to show you as its too transparent to broadcast my ample tummy region on t’internet.  Anyway I think the fit is good, sitting slightly below my waist on a low waist line.  I think the length is good but I reserve the right to reduce the hem allowance to eke out as much length as I need. 

I’ve now completed my least favourite part of sewing, the cutting out, I have all the pieces cut out and the interfacing so I’m ready to go.  Caught up!  Right better go and spend some time with the family, as I haven’t got any pictures to show you I thought you could have some pictures of the British Museum!


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