Saturday, 22 December 2012

Late to the party!

I bought Sewaholics Renfrew pattern back in the spring when it was first released, I bought some knit fabric in September but its taken me until now to actually make one!  All year I’ve been seeing great tops all over the blogssphere, my usual outfit at this time of year is knitted tops yet I still didn’t get round to making it.  I think I was a bit scared of the whole knit thing but now I’ve made it I don’t know why! 


I made the cowl neck version with 3/4 length sleeves and I love it!


I made a 16 which is perfect for the hips but I think a little wide on the top and sleeves.  I think I’ll use a 14 bust and grade out to a 16, it says something when I’m so hippy that I have to have a smaller bust to hip in Sewaholic patterns when Tasia specifically designs for us pear-shaped girls!!!!!!!!


I’m quite pleased with my stripe matching.  I bought some fairly cheap knit from Fabricland and traced the main pieces so I could cut it from a single layer rather than folded as there is no way I would be able to get the stripes lined up on the fold.  I’m glad I did that and will continue using them once I’ve graded the top. 

Of course I was bound to like the top everyone likes it and its a great cake top which with the right fabric can be quite frosting-like!  Now I need to find some better quality fabric, maybe a nice bamboo knit or sparkly knit!

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