Monday, 7 January 2013

Wedding Bells

I’ve been invited to a Wedding Reception on 1st June and I had an idea.  I’d like to make my whole outfit!  I was thinking a simple classic fit n flare kinda dress something which could be worn for work etc afterwards but that I could jazz it up with accessories, making my own belt, clutch bag, fascinator and if necessary some sort of shawl/bolero jacket/cover-up thingy!  What do you think?  Ideally I would like to draft the pattern myself but at the moment I thinking of something like a Colette Peony, Sewaholic Cambie or a Burda 101.













I was thinking I’d make the dress in a solid colour and then accessorize in a contrast fabric, or maybe a floral.  At the moment I’ve got lots of options going round in my head, I’ve got a few months to do it so there's plenty of time to get it right and I know I’m not the Bride and I’m not making anything amazing like the Brides dress like Zoe but I want this to be a good learning project especially as I want to develop my drafting skills and now I have a direction to work in.  So I’ll be dipping in and out of this from time to time over the next few months. So much so that I made myself a badge!!


So the plan is

  • draft my personal foundation pattern like I’ve been talking about foreva
  • Try out different options for design aspect, neckline, sleeves, skirt etc
  • Make a decision
  • Choose fabrics
  • Make Dress
  • Make Fascinator
  • Make bag
  • Enjoy the wedding!

So I’ll be asking your advice at various times over the next few months with this project!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sarah Lund Renfrew

Ok, ok, so I might have been late to the party but now I’m here I’m going for it!  Renfrew No2…


Look at the camera Louise!


That's better!

I saw this fabric in the show about a month ago and straight away thought it looked perfect for a Renfrew.


Its a knit but it looks like a Fair Isle knitted pattern.  Very Scandinavian hence the Sarah Lund reference.  As I’m rubbish at knitting its the closest I’m ever going to get to one of these beauties!

I used at 14 on the top half including the sleeves and graded out to a 16 about the waist.  I think it looks much better than the Stripy Renfrew I first made which was 16 all over. 



I spent ages making sure the stripes matched up well, the side seams are great and I basted them first to check before sewing for good.  I only had to resew 1 seam which was even better.  The only thing I couldn’t work out was to match the stripe across my chest with the stripe on the sleeve.  I spent ages walking the seamlines together to try to work out where they intersected but it didn’t work out.  As least the two sleeves are the same so its not as bad as it could be but if anyone has any advice on how to get the shoulder stripes to match it will be great fully received!

I’m really pleased with this version, its lovely and cuddly and although I’m wearing casually with jeans and boots today I think it would look great for work paired with a black linen skirt and thick black tights, or even red/burgundy tights, what do you think?  My only problem is the school where I work is really hot, I always wear lots of layers there and end up stripping off through the day!

So that's 2 Renfrews, I’m not done yet though, I’ve got loads of the stripy fabric left  so I might try a round necked or v-necked version next time, maybe with short sleeves.  I know everyone has said it but it really is a great pattern, very versatile, quick, straightforward to sew and so adaptable.  I might even try a simpler version without stripes soon!  

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Plea for help!!

Does anyone know where/if I can buy the latest edition of Threads Magazine from in the UK?


I saw a recommendation for this magazine from Lorraine at IkatBag that there was a straightforward article on pattern drafting. If she says it worth checking out then I’m there, but I can’t seem to find it, I’ve been to WHSmith a couple of times and scoured all over the sewing/knitting section but can’t seem to find it.  Now on the website it says on sale Jan 1 2013, so my questions are:-

  • Can we buy it in the shops in the UK?
  • If so where?  WHSmith?  Somewhere else?
  • Can it be ordered in especially if not?
  • How long does it take to hit the shops in UK?
  • Is it a good magazine? Does anyone in the UK subscribe?  I’ve never managed to find a mag that I like as I can find better ideas on peoples blogs than in most magazines, but Threads seems to have good quality contributors Susan Khaljie and Kenneth King being good examples and the information on the blog/website is good.