Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Plea for help!!

Does anyone know where/if I can buy the latest edition of Threads Magazine from in the UK?


I saw a recommendation for this magazine from Lorraine at IkatBag that there was a straightforward article on pattern drafting. If she says it worth checking out then I’m there, but I can’t seem to find it, I’ve been to WHSmith a couple of times and scoured all over the sewing/knitting section but can’t seem to find it.  Now on the website it says on sale Jan 1 2013, so my questions are:-

  • Can we buy it in the shops in the UK?
  • If so where?  WHSmith?  Somewhere else?
  • Can it be ordered in especially if not?
  • How long does it take to hit the shops in UK?
  • Is it a good magazine? Does anyone in the UK subscribe?  I’ve never managed to find a mag that I like as I can find better ideas on peoples blogs than in most magazines, but Threads seems to have good quality contributors Susan Khaljie and Kenneth King being good examples and the information on the blog/website is good.



    Hi Louise, Karen did a good post on Threads Magazine here:

    Yup, you can buy copies in the UK - but I've only ever seen it in the biggest branches of WHSmiths. WHSmiths can order single issues in I believe - check at your local store.

    Issues hit the UK shops pretty much on time and the Threads website can tell you the date the latest issue hits the stands too.

    IMHO it's a great magazine :)

    You can view the exact issue from your photo online here (but it's only a handful of pages from the whole issue): . And you can sign up for a free 14 day trial to 'Threads Insider' (the online service) here: and then you could read the entire issue as well as lots of back issues too.

    This is their subscription page (I myself have an Inernational subscription to the UK from them):

    If you have a hardcopy subscription then you get a discounted rate for access to their online 'Threads Insider’ service (extra articles, videos, downloads, see recent digital editions of the magazine on their website – without the need for for iTunes, and without the need for a PDF reader either). Hardcopy subscribers also get free access to the iTunes editions for iPad/iPhone (they say they're working on e-editions for Android platforms too). I think to benefit from the free stuff you’d need to get your subscription directly from them themselves, and not via a third-party subscription provider/store – as you need your special subscriber number and details to access these free services

    I hope the above helps :)

  2. Thats brilliant thanks Claire, I'm still trying to track it down, went to the larger WHSmith in town today but no joy, will try one last time and if no joy on the shelf I'll have to get them to order it in.... Might get my grubby mitts on one soon and then I can debate the subscribtion, great recommendations vias Karens post.