Thursday, 31 December 2009

What I've done so far.......

I thought I would post some pictures and details of the things I have already made and the inspiration for these items.

Cross Stitch

This two pieces were sewn from kits I bought ages ago, the girl I actually finished last Christmas but the Santa was completed for this Christmas.

Fabric Baskets

I made these baskets just before Christmas using this free pattern from Quilters Corner. I made them slightly smaller than the directions due to the size of the padding I had. The first one I made I had ribbon for and so can be unfolded and stored flat but the other one I sewed using embroidary thread as I had run out of ribbon and didn't want to wait to get to the fabric shop!

Tree Banner

I also made these banners inspired by a blog posting I saw ages ago but can't find now to show you this lovely tutorial by SadieandLance.

Christmas Pendant Banner

I also made this banner.


Carolyn over at My Favourite is setting us all a challenge for 2010 to create something each month. She has set it all out already what each month will cover and the idea you do as much or as little as you can. I'm signing up, in fact it was this that finally got me moving on starting my own blog to track my progress in exploring my creative side, so come and join in! It'll be fun!

Here we go!

Well we all start somewhere.... I wanted this blog to use to record all my attempts to be crafty. I keep having ideas and my brain is buzzing at the moment, especially as I've spent most of December being incredibly inspired by all the wonderful creative bloggers out there and I want to be part of it! I've got loads of ideas of things I want to make especially for next Christmas so I thought if I commit them to the blogosphere I might get some of them done rather than procrastinate as usual! I'm going to put a list of the projects I want to achieve this year and I'll log my progress as I'm going along. Hopefully I can learn lots of new things as I'm progressing and create some pretty things.