Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bedroom makeover


Gosh, its been a while…..  what have I been doing for the past month and why haven’t I been blogging?  Well I’ve been doing a makeover to Miss M’s bedroom, you might remember I was designing and making a duvet cover a few weeks ago well I finally finished everything!  She’s 8 now and previously her bedroom was all pinkified and with fairies everywhere so we/she wanted something a little more grown up (without being too grown up!) and there wasn’t really any character theme that she was interested in that would last her the next few years and all she wanted was purple.  So we was decided on something bohemian, glamorous, eclectic and  comfortable that would be appropriate for the next few years before she turns all goth and wants to paint it black!   I decorated her duvet cover and make cushions using Pat Bravo – Dreaming in French range which I bought from Seamstar.


It was packaged beautifully!


and looked yummy!



So I cut and sewed and cut and sewed and cut yada yada yada ended up with loads of pillows!




I had 2 24” cushions, 5 16” cushions and a bolster (which required Pi calculations to get the right dimensions!).  The square cushions are all envelope backed and the bolster has an invisible zip. 


Here’s the bed in all its glory, duvet cover and cushions!


Even more cushions!  A reading nest!

The walls were painted a nice lilac colour and 1 of the walls was painted a vivid purple colour, to match the curtain,  and lovely vinyl decorations added (There are over 100 pieces on this wall!!!) And check out the mirror, how very Snow White is that? 








How great do these look?

We also added some vinyl to another wall which has Miss M’s name in beautiful script, more flowers and although it doesn’t show up here some of the white flowers as well.


(I’ve obscured her name for privacy!)

A reading light above the bed for late night reading. 


We changed the handles on her furniture which previously had pink hearts but now they are glamorous purple crystal-like handles. 


One of the best parts of the room is her notice board above her desk.  I investigated magnetic paint but found conflicting reviews about its effectiveness so we got a sheet of mild steel from eBay, primed it, and painted it with the wall colour then screwed to the wall.  This means we can get some fridge magnets and Miss M can decorate it as she wants! 


I think this is Miss M’s favourite part, her ‘chandelier’…


I think the mirror and the purple wall with white vinyl are my favourite


Mirror mirror on the wall…

What do you think?  What's your favourite part, would you have liked to have a bedroom like this when you were 8? 

Right, sewing clothes next, just bought Fit For Real People which I’m pouring over at the moment so hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon….


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