Friday, 18 February 2011

Duvet update

Thanks for everyone who gave an opinion on my possible duvet.  I took your advice and made it a little less chaotic (I say I did but it was mainly OH, he’s much better at design than me!) and this is what I’ve come up with and that's what we’re going with.  


I’ve been pinning shapes on this evening and its coming along nicely.  Watch this space for the rest……


  1. Now thats lovely!! I like that much better than the other one. Brill!!

  2. Oh that is a beautiful design :) so glad you have shown us :)
    Sue x

  3. Make what you love , love what you make, that s what i say!!!!

  4. Hello fellow Jaffa Cake lover! For some reason it's taken me TOO long to visit - but love what you do - I am looking forward to seeing what next. You may persuade me to put effort in other places other than my wardrobe! But also ... ruffler foot? I have one with my overlocker but haven't given myself time to try it yet. Interested to know how you have got on?!