Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Constructive criticism required…

I’m about to decorate Miss M’s bedroom and we’ve been umming and ahhing for ages about how to change the bedding, should we get duvet covers, make a quilt etc etc.  In the end we decided to get a plain duvet cover which I will then applique on random shapes in the fabric range we’ve selected.  I’ve been playing around trying to mock up the duvet cover but having a real crisis of confidence.  Bearing in mind I have NO design experience, very little colour awareness and like bold patterns but usually too timid to use them!  The colour range we’ve selected is Dreaming In French St Germain palatte by Pat Bravo with some Moda solids in flesh, purple and lilac.  The duvet cover is from John Lewis and plain lilac.  3 of the walls will be a lilac colour and 1 will be a darker plum colour to match the curtains.  There will be 4 small cushions, 1 bolster cushion and 2 larger cushions covered with the same fabrics as the duvet cover and the whole feel we are going for is eclectic, bohemian, warm & cosy. 

Here's what I’ve got so far……


… what do you think?

I’ve tried to balance shapes, lights and darks and scale of print vs. solids.  OH suggested embroidering her name on the bottom but I’ve just put her initial at the moment.  I like the bottom and I like the corners, I think I like the 3 ripples in the middle but maybe the top right section is too cluttered. 

What's right about it, what's wrong about it, am I on completely the wrong track, all advice gratefully received, even if you don’t normally comment, please give me an opinion today, I need blogland approval!


  1. What a great idea :) I think the same as you, mybe another circle instead of the wavy bit at the top?

  2. Really good idea. I think Id be inclined to have a strip along the top and bottom and have some of the shapes in the wavy lines and maybe some cirles elsewhere rather than different shapes all over but then every ones tastes are different and I know nothing about design either!! Sure your daughter will love it! x

  3. love the colour scheme :) If anything i would probably just use the wave and circle shapes and skip the rest, but thats just my two cents :)

  4. I like it all bar the dark blue shapes having said that I'm clearly a girl with no taste so just ignore me :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by. Your love quilt is DARLING. Goodness, I have been wanting to sew something for my girl no. 3 coming soon, and I'm inspired! I'm a follower now!