Thursday, 31 December 2009

What I've done so far.......

I thought I would post some pictures and details of the things I have already made and the inspiration for these items.

Cross Stitch

This two pieces were sewn from kits I bought ages ago, the girl I actually finished last Christmas but the Santa was completed for this Christmas.

Fabric Baskets

I made these baskets just before Christmas using this free pattern from Quilters Corner. I made them slightly smaller than the directions due to the size of the padding I had. The first one I made I had ribbon for and so can be unfolded and stored flat but the other one I sewed using embroidary thread as I had run out of ribbon and didn't want to wait to get to the fabric shop!

Tree Banner

I also made these banners inspired by a blog posting I saw ages ago but can't find now to show you this lovely tutorial by SadieandLance.

Christmas Pendant Banner

I also made this banner.

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