Monday, 22 November 2010

Africa Day

Miss M has been studying Africa this term ( a very large and general topic!) and one day the school wanted the kids to get into character and dress up as ANYTHING African.  I knew this was coming and back in the summer we were in Claires Accessories and saw a lion headband and mask so I knew we had to have it.

I had a plan that I would get some yellow/brown leggings & t-shirt, add a bit of fur and a tail and we'd be set.  So off I went to find my supplies and first thing I found was a yellow polo shirt for 50p!  Bargain, having that! So then I was looking for matching leggings but of course do you think I could find some? No! Then inspiration struck, I've got a pattern for leggings and at 50p a shirt I could get a couple more and make leggings!

So I cut the pattern out, even though I'd got the biggest t-shirt they had there wasn't quite enough fabric for the full length of the leggings so I improvised with the fur!

I sew a few inches of fur to the bottom of the leggings before sewing the seams, I also made a tail from some of the scrap fabric and stuffed it and sewed it onto the t-shirt.

Miss M in character!

Please ignore Miss C bored expression in the background, she wasn't interested in Miss M costume until I told her she will be wearing it in 3 years time!  Hey, if the school can recycle the syllabus I can recycle the costume!!!

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  1. Love the cute costume!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!