Sunday, 30 January 2011

Book Review–you’re next–gregg hurwitz

Yet another book review!  Wow I’m storming through my reading list, although I think it might slow down soon!

You’re Next by Gregg Hurwitz was a fabulously exciting read.  I haven’t read any of his books before although it is a genre I’ve read a lot of previously Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Harlan Coben & Michael Connelly being authors I’ve previously enjoyed.

Without given too much away, the basis premise of the story is centred around Mike Wingate, abandoned as a young child to a foster home, without any knowledge or understanding of his history or the reasons for his abandonment.  After brushes with the law he reinvents himself through hard work and integrity working his way to becoming a successful property developer at the start of the book.  Suddenly his past comes back to haunt him and his family but without his understanding of why or who is after them.  We are then led on a roller coaster ride with baddies, corruption, assassins, violence and terror as Mike struggles to escape the threat but also neutralise and understand the origin.  His battle to understand his history and revisit his past is very well done. 

It very hard to talk about a thriller without giving the game away but all you need to know is if you like this genre then you will love this book.  When I get to the end of my current reading list I might search out some more of his novels.    I really didn’t want to put it down as I always wanted to know what happened next.  I could easily see this film being made into a movie, maybe with Colin Farrell as the lead! 


P.S. I promise I will do something crafty soon…….

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