Friday, 29 April 2011

Wow oh wow!

What a day, I loved every minute of it, I watched the whole thing all morning and I’ve read loads online and watched the new highlights this evening.  The whole day was perfect, everything was fabulous (apart from Princesses Beatrice & Eugenies outfits!)and how did she look?  Well how perfect is this……

It looked perfect for her, she will be Queen one day and she already has a demure and modest style so this dress is spot on for both these requirements.  So traditional yet coming from McQueen so modern just like the two of them.  The whole wedding seemed a seamless blend of traditional and modern with the horse drawn carriages followed by minibuses!  This dress, the decor at the Abbey and the flowers all echoed that, traditional, regal, beautiful, simple.  I wish them all the joy and luck in the world and the benefit of their long relationship means that they both know what they are getting themselves into so there should be some stability in the British Monarchy for the next generation. 

BTW, both Gertie and Amanda have great posts about the dress, check them out.

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