Friday, 15 July 2011

Simplicity 5961–Finished!!

So I finished the dress for my MIL!


What do you think?  I’m really pleased with the construction as it probably the best finish I’ve done so far. 


All the seams are either overlocked or bound inside bias binding so there are no raw edges.  I did consider lining the dress but as its dupioni silk it doesn’t need it from a see through point of view and I think the stiffness of the fabric works well with the pattern and lining might alter the flow of the garment. 



I tacked the underarm seam allowance to the bias binding to hold it in place, I’ve still to tack the bodice/skirt seam to the darts and I want to put a hook and eye on the zip just in case. 


My only problem is that I can’t press out that crease down centre front of the skirt.  I daren’t use a hot iron and I can’t use steam or water to help it away so what would you recommend?  When I’ve been pressing I’ve been using a muslin pressing cloth (go on then actually its a clean tea towel!  Must start a collection of pressing cloths…) on the right side and straight onto the fabric on the reverse but I’ve only been using a warm iron.  Its been enough to get rid of lumps and bumps in the fabric but that crease is still there, actually it looks worse in that photo than it does in real life but it still bugs me so any advice gratefully received as ever. 

The 40th wedding anniversary party is next weekend so I’ll get some photos of MIL wearing the dress (if it fits!) and I’ll post them soon.  Now I have to make  matching tie from the leftover fabric using this tutorial and I’m going to make myself a dress as well!


  1. The dress looks really nice, I bet she will be pleased with it. About the crease, could you try ironing a small scrap of the fabric on a hotter iron or maybe even a steam iron with and without the muslin (teatowel lol) and see if it marks the fabric or not?

  2. Gorgeous dress. I suggest steaming on a scrap piece as well and seeing what happens. You could also talk to the dry cleaners, they may be able to press it for you.