Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Time vs. enthusiasm

I am a SAHM with school aged children so in theory I have more time on my hands than some sewers although sometimes it doesn’t work that way. 


ATM I’m not too challenged in the time department but I’m really challenged in the enthusiasm department. 


I’ve got half finished things on my table, I’ve got plans in my head, I’ve got requests from the kids but I just can’t get my bum in gear.  What do you do when you’ve lost your sewing mojo?  Do you just wait for it to return or do you force it?


1 comment:

  1. Oh I have been where you are now! When it is gone I usually just bide my time and it comes back, but if it needs a little push, why not get all your books out and have a re-read through them all. I bet you have crafty magazines too, have a few hours just flicking though and pop little post it's in where you fancy giving something a go. Alternatively, do you use pinterest, whenver I'm stuck I check pinterest for my 'things to make' folder and something always grabs my interest.
    Hope you find it.
    Kandi x