Thursday, 12 July 2012

Olympic Rings by Miss M Music by Muse

For the last two weeks of school Miss M's school like many across the UK, is having an Olympic Theme.  She was tasked with making a representation of the Olympic Rings in any medium she wanted, lots of kids made cakes & cookies, there were models and paintings but Miss M couldn't decide what she wanted to do.  I remembered a great set of films that Ashley at Lil Blue Boo had done recently and suggested she did something like that, she loved it and this is what she made!

The music is the official Olympic theme by Muse and it was filmed by propping up the laptop so the webcam was pointing down to the table.  The webcam has an interval timer on it so we set that to 1 shot per second, this gave us a film of 26 minutes after all the colouring and sticking.  We used Movie Maker and added in the music and played around with the playback speed until it matched the length of the song.  I think its great and the kids and her teacher loved it, I especially like the way the glitter moves around and I think the song really makes it special!  

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