Thursday, 11 October 2012

Flowery work top

Honestly I have been making stuff!  So a month ago I said I got some fabric intending to make Simplicity 2599… well I did!
My family say I look like a teacher in this top so I must have done it right!
I made view E without the side bow.  I liked this pattern its very simple and versatile.  I cut out size 16 and the only adjustment I made was to take the waist in a little after construction, it needs a bit more taken in but its ok at the moment.  I need definition on my waist as it so much smaller than my hips and bust that things just hang off me like a sack and I look pregnant!  I omitted the fastening at the back and just sewed up the back seam, I didn't;’t even have to take the shoulders in which I usually have to do.  I wouldn't make view E again, the fabric is a bit flimsy and floppy so the ruffle hangs down in a little weird way but its ok. I would probably make view D next and give the waist more shaping. 
I had bought 2 different knits with the intention on making a Renfrew or two but then Tasia said she was going to do more detailed posts about the Renfrew pattern so I decided to hold fire on the white with black stripe knit.  I decided to use the coloured stripe to make a dress - New Look 6802.
I’m still working on this at the moment and I’ve made quite a few fitting adjustments so once its finished I can post the details of that. 

p.s. I really like this Skater Skirt from Boden

Does anyone know a good pattern or method for this?  It a wool A-line skirt that when you look at the close-up you can see its pieced together to give the drape.  I'm not experienced enough to work out whats going on... help!

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