Saturday, 15 December 2012

Winter blizzard

Well I’ve never been successful with yarn and woolly things, when I was a kid my mother taught me to knit, she was a wonderful knitter, but it just never clicked for me.  My tension is very inconsistent and as a kid I didn’t have the patience to invest such as lot of time and effort into something, in fact I once started knitting my mother a tea cosy in green colours to match her kitchen, it took me 6 years to finish the bloody thing by which time the colour of her kitchen had changed! So I’ve never had a great drive to take up knitting but crochet on the other hand has always interested me.  I’ve loved looking at granny squares, flowers, scarves and blankets especially on Attic 24. This year I finally got the but enough to sit down and study it, I wanted to make snowflakes to decorate my shelves and so one evening I sat there for about 6 hours trying, failing, trying again to understand what I needed to do to make something that resembled a snowflake.


Eventually I got it, so off I went to the new Hobbycraft that opened in my town that week to get some wool, whilst I was there I bumped into a friend who is a marvellous crocheter organising craft fairs to sell her beautiful work as well as teaching.  I told her what I was intending to do and she directed me to Lucy @ Attic24 as well!  Great minds think  alike.  So I’ve been crocheting away like made, even taking them to the kids Kung Fu lessons although I did not that everyone gave me a wide berth whilst I was sitting there crocheting away!  Mad woman with her wool!  And this is what I produced…


I strung them up on long garlands and hung them on my shelves


you can just see my felt gingerbread house on the top shelf


Now I’m working on Lucy's Teeny Tiny Stars to make another garland, not sure where to put it yet though, we’re drowning in Christmas decorations as I buy/make something every year but never get rid of anything!!!

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  1. They are beautiful what a lovely make! I might give some of these a go this week, thanks for the inspiration! x