Saturday, 23 January 2010

Hi-Vis Balaclava

I made a balaclava/ski mask for DD1 today.  Miss M is studying polar explorers in school and in a couple of weeks they are having a Polar Exploration Day where they have to design a Survival Kit and spend the day in tents in the school grounds.  She is very much looking forward to it!  So we were in need of a balaclava, one internet search later and I found this helpful tutorial with 3 types of fleece hats. Miss M has a large head for a 7 year old so I made a medium version C.  We bought some fleece from the fabric shop and away we went.

 Printed out the pattern and cut out the correct size, the larger piece needs to be cut on the fold and 4 smaller pieces are needed. 

Fabric cut out ready to go (red and green should never be seen!!)

The smaller pieces are sewn together to form the crown of the hat, here are 2 of the pieces together. 

And the finished article!

Miss M had a ponytail in the back of her hair so you can see a lump at the back of her head, on Polar Explorer day I shall have to remember to do her hair differently!

As this was just for a school project and probably never worn again * I didn't take too much time or care with it, ideally the edges round the face should have a binding as it would probably stretch over time after being pulled on and off repeatedly.  I also sewed the fabric with a small seam allowance which isn't factored into the pattern as the original design called for flat seams. 

Red is Miss M's favourite colour at the moment but I think it would be beneficial in Antartica as its soo bright you could probably see her from the Arctic!
I still have loads fo red fleece left so I might make some mittens....

* We live on the South Coast so not much call for balaclavas although I would have been grateful for it a couple of weeks ago in the snow!

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