Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Michelle Skirt Finished!!!!!!

Whoohoo, I've finished it!

I got a zip yesterday and got stuck in, its only the second zip I've sewn and I forgot what I learned the first time so I had to unpick the zip and do it a second time but I learn something new each time.  At least thats the plan!

The skirt has a facing on the waist rather than a waistband as you can see. 

This is actually a quite simple pattern to use but as you can see I've made some changes in that I didn't add the contrasting ribbon/trim at the top or the contrasting panel at the bottom.  This is mainly because this fabric doesn't lend itself to a trim having its own pattern but also because I have a bit of a tum and I'm not sure that the ribbon would be flattering to me!  I think I'll make this skirt again (although I need a smaller size whoppee) and I might chose a plain fabric that can have a contrasting trim. 

This means I've completed Carolyns first challenge to sew something for myself!!!!  I wore the skirt today and got some compliments but even more when I told them I had made it myself so I'm quite chuffed at that!  Nothing can stop me now!  The next item of clothing I fancy making for myself is a Boden-like Fun skirt but I need to find myself a good pattern.  Might browse the free patterns on Burda Style again........

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