Monday, 29 March 2010

Freezer Paper Adventures

There are loads of posts and tutorials out there to show you how to use freezer paper as a stencil but the blog that gives me the most inspiration is definitely Dana's (seriously, check her out, I want to BE her! Is that a little stalker-like?!) so I decided to give it a go. Got me some freezer paper and Dylon fabric paint and a stained t-shirt. The t-shirt was actually a long sleeved plain white t-shirt with stains on the sleeves where Miss C had repeatedly wiped her dirty pasta sauced face! Yuk! Couldn't get it clean and Darling Husband suggested I just cut the sleeves off (what an easy answer!) so I thought I'll improve it! Taking this ladybird print as inspiration I played about with clip art and found a nice ladybird sitting on a flower. I increased the size and printed it straight on the paper side of the freezer paper and then cut out just the ladybird and ignored the flower. I did the red base first and the black head and waited and waited and waited for the paint to dry..... took ages. When it was dry there were parts that were a bit patchy so I went over it again and left it over night. The next day I put the ladybird body part back on to paint the black spots! And this is how it ended up!

There's a little bit of bleeding especially on the black spots but I think it looks good!

and Miss C loves it!

another ruined t-shirt rescued!  I'm thinking of getting some plain t-shirt just to paint now!




  1. Very cute! Great idea. (Found you through Today's Creative Blog.)

  2. Cute - especially the model. ;)

  3. Sooo cute! I've been dying to try the freezer paper stenciling, but haven't got around to it. The ladybug is precious, as is your daughter.

  4. Hi! I love your blog. I’ve got a MckLinky party called Tot Tuesday. I hope you’ll stop by & link up:

  5. love the little model! she's too cute! thanks for linking this up!