Monday, 15 March 2010

Is it Amycal or Calamy?

(Please excuse the slippers!)

That's what you get if you cross Amy Butler and Cal Patch. I made this skirt from Amy Butler's Lotus Pink/Tree Peony fabric using a pattern I drafted following Cal Patchs Design it Yourself book. I think it is the best fitted skirt I've had! I have big hips and relatively small waist so I find if I buy a ready made skirt that fits my hips I had a gape at the small of my back so drafting my own means it fits like a glove. I made a voile from some cheap old fabric to test the pattern and had to take the waist in even from my measurements so it definitely pays to check the pattern. On this skirt I used french seams and a concealed zip, I also added a straight waistband but due to my small waist I need to use a curved waistband, I was just too impatient to draft it! Next one I'll draft it and get it right. The concealed zip was more successful than my first attempt but there is still room for improvement. Its looking more and more like spring around here so time for skirts and legs soon, even got my legs waxed the other day in preparation! Now I have a spring skirt there nothing stopping spring from really arriving!

I've had a blog makeover, whatcha think? Not sure about the flower yet so might change again but its a bit cuter!

BTW - I think it should be a Calamy skirt, think that's what I'll call it now!

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