Thursday, 29 April 2010

Ponderings on flattery

I've been making clothes for my girls and I think its my turn now, as I said previously I have a family party coming up and I thought it would be nice to make something new for myself for the party. Its a 90th b'day party so it won't be anything too racy or smart but I thought a pretty dress would be in order.  Rooting through some stuff I inherited from my mum I came across this pattern......

I was thinking of making view B which is the second on the right, but my concern is: will it be flattering to me?  I'm a curvy girl, ample but not too large chest, small waist, pot belly, huge hips, saddlebags & thighs.  Classic British pear!  I'm currently wearing size 14 clothes (not that the number means anything!) and have read what Gok and others advise for curvy girls and what flatters them but I do find it difficult to recognise those features in designs.  So I thought I would ask you guys, do you think this would be a flattering dress?  have you got a killer pattern for the pears amongst us?  Advice gratefully received!

a close-up



  1. Love the neckline - and the sleeves. I guess it would depend on the fabric and colour as to whether it would disguise a tummy or not...? Skirt looks like it would skim any hip issues.

    I'd be tempted to take a friend and try on different style dresses in a store - and get them to take photos of you in them to refer back to ...only I'd feel gutted if I spent time and money on making a dress and then didn't like myself in it..

    (I think I own all of two dresses so I'm probably not the best person to

  2. I think it would flatter as the kick flare on the sleeves would balance out the hip (pear) area really well, and with it being empire line will probably skim the tumkin. As Helen mentioned it will depend on the material. I also agree that you should try to find something similar and try it on if you can.
    Kandi x

  3. I would think it would as it seems to be princess line, pulling you in at a small point, then flaring out over the hips

  4. Yes I would go for it. I'm a pear too and I love dresses like that.

  5. Looks good

    I think the issue may be with chunky legs may allude to chunkiness elsewhere iykwim .....that said the revealing neckline detracts the eye upward

    Shaz (mse'r)