Thursday, 21 October 2010


Ok so I know I've been gone for ages, I know its taken me a long time to get anything made but here we are at last!  Drumroll please...........
I made a banner!  Whoohoo!  We do a Halloween party for the kids and each year we gather a little more Halloween decor, usually plastic spiders and the like so I decided that it needed to be fabric.... and I HAD to buy some Halloween cotton. Searched around and found Robert Kaufman Eerie Alley so that and a bit of black twill and orange thread and we have a banner.

Ok I know its not the most amazing creation in the world of crafty blogs but I'm back!  I also have bought some purple corduroy to make a skirt for myself (maybe with a bit of reverse applique if I can find a suitable fabric from my stash to contrast it), a lion costume for Miss M for school (need to get some fun fur!) and a little business venture for a friend.  I also made some curtains for our study which I decorated the other week which ended up having to be hand sewn as the fabric was too thick for to do a blind hem on my machine!  Took ages but done now!  I want to decorate Miss Ms bedroom and make her curtains, pillows, duvet etc but I think I'll wait til after Christmas as there is enough to be doing without making life more difficult!!!!


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