Sunday, 24 October 2010

Pink and Purple Delight!

I fancied a nice autumn/winter skirt in corduroy so I trotted off to the fabric shop the other day and bought myself a couple of metres of rich purple corduroy. 

Using my tried-and-tested-self-drafted-a-line-skirt-pattern I made my skirt.  This was a lot more exciting than it sounds, mainly because I got to use my new overlocker and finish off the seams neatly!  Ok so its a simple skirt and there are only 2 seams but work with me here, I was excited!!  First garment I've made with overlocked (is that a word?!) seams after a few goes playing with it!  It's ever so lovely! 

So I had envisaged doing some reverse applique on this skirt, I didn't have an exact idea in my mind, maybe some sort of leaf pattern on the bottom.  I started sketching out a few ideas and decided to go for a kinda-circular-leaf-sunflower-affair.  I trawled through the scrap bag to find something suitable until I came across a pink knit dress that used to belong to Miss M.  I had put it in the scrap bag intending to copy it to make her a new larger one as she had outgrown it and despite Miss C getting all the cast offs she didn't need another dress.  Now this dress has been in the 'to-do' pile for about 9 months so I got realistic and decided that my need was greater than hers attacked it with the rotary cutter!  There are loads of different tutorials and posts about how to do reverse-applique and I guess there isn't a right or wrong way, as each project is different, but basically I followed Lil Blue Boos instructions.  The most nerve-wracking part was cutting the corduroy fabric as there's no going back once you've done that, I was afraid I would cut through to the pink knit underneath but I managed it (all the way through that stage I kept singing First Cut Is The Deepest)! 

So now I just added a bit of pink bias binding to finish the waist and hemmed it and done.  I know its not the most exciting or original skirt in the world but I love it as it was all my idea although I was probably channelling Boden when I thought of it!  So what do you think?  Funky, smiley, friendly, comfortable, unique and fun are my thoughts!

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  1. Adorable! I love the contrasting color.

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