Sunday, 5 December 2010

Snakey Cakey

It was Miss C's 5th birthday this weekend and she had a large party at a play area with 25 friends and an animal theme so the cake had to reflect that and she chose a snake.  I Googled it (as any 21st Century mum does!) and found loads of cakes using bundt cakes as a basis but as I don't have one and didn't fancy buying one just for one party we had to come up with another plan.  Swiss Roll!  I bought 3 large chocolate swiss rolls (3ft of cake in case your're interested!) and husband and I proceeded to model with cake!  He cut the cake and laid it out to make a snake shape.  

(looks a bit like a t*rd!)

then we took about a ton of green buttercream icing

and covered, and covered, and covered

and smoothed and smoothed and smoothed

and then deoorated the back with Tooty Frooties and edible glitter, marshmallows for eyes and fangs and a fruit string cut to make a forked tongue.  

Not so scary snake!

The kids loved it and it went down a storm at the party. 

 Miss C did very well out of the party, here's her birthday haul wearing her birthday t-shirt!!!!

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