Friday, 31 December 2010


So I've been writing this blog for a year now, can't believe its been that long.  The intention of this was to document all the things I wanted to make and, well, to actually make them!  So how well have I done?  The list on the right has certainly changed in the last year.  A couple of things are still on there from last Christmas but most things have been completed.  New things arrived through the year and completed, other things have remained. 

So out of the the things left over what will I remove, what will I add?

  • Make Banners for the girls  (staying, planning on redecorating Miss M bedroom this year so I think I'll see if she likes this idea)
  • Make Gingerbread House for Christmas! (Have actually got the felt for this but ran out of time before Christmas)
  • Learn to crochet (remove, I did have a little try one time this last year, but I've come to the conclusion I'm not a yarny person, fabric all the way for me!)
  • Draft clothes for the girls (definitely staying, in fact this is my big intention in 2011 to really learn how to draft and construct clothes both for me and the girls.  I had a little go at this a while ago but I need to redo the measurements with the knowledge I gained from my first attempt)
  • Try out my new Ruffler Foot!!!! (staying, I had an unsuccessful attempt which is why I haven't removed this yet.  Had a few teething problems which I will definitely resolve in 2011)
  • Peasant top (staying)
  • Ra-Ra Skirt (staying, had one of these when I was a kid and the girls would love one)
  • Split skirt (remove, only so many projects I can do!)
  • Make One Hour Sundress (remove, ditto)
  • Make Ruffle top or even Dress (probably stay, although I don't think it will be high on list of priorities!)

things to add....

  • Make a Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Make loads of cushions for Miss M bedroom
  • Make a quilt (maybe for Miss M)
  • Make a Rag Doll each for the girls
  • Make clothes for Barbie
  • Make some clothes for a Build-a-Bear Bear (anyone got a pattern or tutorial?)
  • Make some clothes for me using some of the resources I got at Christmas 
  • Read more books (I know this isn't a crafty thing but I'm setting out my stall for 2011 so I'm going to commit myself here.  I think I'll use Richard & Judy as a starting point and see where those books take me. )
What have I enjoyed making this year?

  • Frilly top (which I happen to be wearing today!!)

All in all I've had a great crafty year and I'm glad I've committed it all to this blog.  I'm glad I've got ideas for next year and all the wonderful blogs I follow will give me more ideas along with all the books I got at Christmas time.  I'm glad that there are wonderful people out there who read this blog and occasionally give me feedback on what I'm doing and hopefully next year I can give you more opportunities to tell me what I did well!


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  1. Happy New Year to you and your family Louise - and lots of love for 2011! x