Tuesday, 6 July 2010


A friend of mine is having a baby soon and she already has a  4 year old boy so I thought I would make a special gift for him to show that the baby won't get all the attention.  I was thinking about how being a big brother or sister means complete adoration from the baby (usually!) so I made him a Superhero cape. 

I also made a certificate to give him


I think its all really cute and I'm hoping that the little boy and his mum will like them too.  Just need to get one and make some stuff for the baby.........  Any ideas?  Not sure of the sex so needs to be gender neutral.  Baby shower is in a few weeks so need to pull my finger out!



  1. Awww thats so cute!!! - Pootle Flump x

  2. What a lovely gesture! It is important not to leave them out, my 15 year old still remembers the gift his brother brought him when he was born 11 years ago, sweet.
    Kandi x

  3. wow, i felt like crying reading the certificate. that is altogether such a beautiful concept! what a lucky little bloke to be recieving such a thoughtful gift!