Thursday, 29 July 2010

Boden or Anthropologie?

So I just got the new Boden catalogue in the post, I covet Boden very much, in fact its been part of the inspiration to make a lot of my own clothes now as I love the fabrics they use but I don't like their prices.  Whilst browsing this morning I was struck by how familiar lots of their pieces are and I realised that they are similar to loads of posts that various bloggers I read have done recently which have mainly been influenced by Anthropologie (which is not a company I was not aware of until recently discovering all these great sewing blogs) and J Crew, so I thought I'd show you a few and see if you agree.


Embellished Tee-shirts
Frilled T-shirt
Pleated neckline top
Ribbon trimmed cardigan which exactly like this one
Ruffle top which I already made a sorta similar version
Rosette cardigan
Corsage necklace
Pleated neck
Circle Applique Dress
Ruffle jacket

I can't link the images from the Boden website!

I've seen so many examples of these kind of garments in recent months, Suzannah (who's fabulous at making her version of stuff she sees), Disney (even though she's gone into retirement)  to name just a few!

And look what I saw in Phase Eight yesterday and heres how you can make one yourself!

So the question is
  • have Boden been reading all the blogs I do and making their own versions,
  • have Boden been looking at Antropologie for inspiration,
  • is there a world-wide common inspiration source
  • or are there no original ideas and we all steal from each other!?





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  1. I completely agree and have been inspired by their catalogues myself. There was a little purple skirt in their last catalogue which I loved for my little girl but begrudged paying that much so made one myself (on my blog) thanks for the links I will check them out x