Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Drafting Tutorials

One of my most favourist blogs is doing a brilliant new series.  Lorraine at Ikat Bag and her life-long friend Jen from My Measuring Tape are starting a series of posts to show you how to draft your own patterns starting with children and hopefully moving on to adults as well!  I'm very excited about this as this is exactly what I need.  I like making clothes but I find commercial patterns a) expensive b) restrictive c) not always flattering for my body shape.  I've made some garments that I drafted myself, some using Cal Patchs book some just winging it with varying success but its the thing about sewing that I really enjoy.   I was going to go to college to do a dressmaking course but basically all they would teach you was how use a commercial pattern which I already know.  What I want is a real-life person to show me how to draft but as I don't have one I'll have to rely on Lorraine and the beauty of the blogosphere.  I've already told Lorraine how much I admire her work and how I need a real-life version of her but I think I'm starting to move into stalker territory so these tutorials will help me!  If you are interested in expanding your sewing knowledge then check her out!


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