Sunday, 29 May 2011

Pirate Day - Aaarrggghhhh

Miss M has been looking at Pirates* this term and so as usual the school had a dress up day, in the past she’s been Alice in Wonderland, a servant during the Fire Of London and a Lion but this time it was pirates.  Luckily we went to Chessington World Of Adventures a couple of weeks before and in the Sea Life Centre on 3 for 2 they were selling pirate hats, swords etc so we got her a hat, sword and eye-patch.  She wanted the whole Captain Hook coat but I knew there was no way that was going to happen so looking round on the web I found Dana’s post on the pirate costumes she made her kids so I shamelessly pinched her idea and made a pirate waistcoat!


The best part was I didn’t have to buy anything for this!  I had some black linen left from a skirt I made, and some cheap striped poly/cotton I had bought ages to make a muslin.  I used a basic bodice pattern that I know fits her with little ease so i traced around that adding an inch or so to get the right size, there was little science to it.  I found a template of a skull and crossbones that would be easy to cut out and painted it using freezer paper and fabric paint. 


I wanted a frilly loose chemise style shirt but wasn’t able to search charity shops for one so I took one of the school polo shirts and added some lace that had come from my mothers stash so its at least 30 years old!  I hand sewed this lace on, which just goes to show how much I love Miss M as I hate hand sewing!




Teamed up with a pair of black leggings, long socks, school shoes and the pirate accessories makes the whole outfit look great!


(Please ignore the mess in the background!  It was breakfast time, mind you it doesn’t get much better any other time of the day!)


(Channelling Jack Sparrow I think!)










*How come we find pirates acceptable, we’re talking about murderers, rapist, robbers generally all round bad people yet we glamorise them and encourage our kids to dress up as them!  I don’t get it, its not like we’d encourage them to dress as Hoodies or even modern day Pirates yet put a couple of hundred years between us and them and funny accents and its all ok!  We wonder why kids get confused when we tell them all their childhoods, don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t use violence and then we tell them all about S****a C***s the T**th F**ry and pirates! 

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  1. Ha ha ha! The last sentences made me smile! And a wonderful outfit. A skillful skull & crossbones too...