Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Simplicity 5961–Update

OK, so I fitted the dress on MIL so next thing was to cut the 50 year old silk (yikes!), so I laid all the fabric out and set about laying the pattern pieces…


… took a deep breath and cut them out!  I didn’t want to use carbon paper or pens/pencils on the silk to transfer the pattern markings in case it permanently marked it so I used tailor tacks. 


To sew the darts I used this method holding a thread at the dart point  to show a line to follow.  I found it really easy and much more accurate than any other method I’ve used in the past. 


Here’s the bodice sewn up.  I’ve made a change from the original pattern to replace the armhole facing with bias binding to make what I feel is much neater more professional finish.  I sewed the binding on BEFORE sewing up the side seam.  Once the zip is in place then I’ll do the same on the neckline. 


Here you can just make out the binding on the bottom left of the picture with the topstitching on the armhole. 


Here’s the skirt with the side seams and half of the centre back seam prior to invisible zip being inserted.  I’ve finished all the exposed seams using the overlocker and the other seams will be sealed inside the binding, this silk frays like mad so this step is essential.   

Left to do

  • Sew bodice to skirt
  • Finish the bodice/skirt seam edges
  • Insert invisible zip
  • Sew bias binding finish to the neckline
  • Hem skirt with bias binding

Should be ok, I’ve also got to make a matching tie to make for FIL and I did want to make a dress for myself for the party but not sure if I’m going to have time now…… 

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