Saturday, 31 December 2011


Well its review of the year time……
I thought I would make a mosaic of the things I’ve made, and compare it with my plans for this year.  Dangerous really as it shows that I did some of it but not all of it!

(Edit – My mosaic went walkabout!)

The main thing I wanted to achieve in 2011 and failed was a better understanding of pattern drafting. I’ve come to the conclusions that I need to use commercial patterns more first to get a better grounding in how patterns work etc. 
I also failed to make lots of clothes for myself with only 1 skirt, 1 dress and 1 top!  How rubbish is that?  I DID make a dress for my MIL and a couple of things for Miss M but an epic fail for me.  Miss C also didn’t get a look in this last year, something she is very aware of so that needs to be rectified in 2012!   I also made a few things for the home this year as well, especially Christmas. 
I have a plan, I’m still fed up of always being badly dressed and have come to the conclusions that maybe dresses are my saviour.  In the summer months I wear RTW dresses 90% of the time but in the colder months its just jeans and t-shirts and not very flattering ones at that.  So I need more dresses. And I’m setting myself a challenge.  I plan to make 1 dress each month.  12 dresses in 2012! 

12in12challengebadgeI’ve even made a badge!
Now I know compared to Mena this is nothing as she makes a dress every week or even a 7 dresses in 7 days but there's no way I can achieve that so I’m committing to more than I currently achieve but within reason.
  • New Look 6802  I already have this one lined up although I’m wondering how the gathering will work on my tummy but well see what a muslin looks like. 
  • Simplicity 2406 which came with Sew Magazine recently,  I was thinking of View C as a wintery version and View D as a summer version.
  • Burda #101 I want to make another version of this but with a circle skirt rather than a rectangle
  • Burda #104 which I want to use a a base for a basic well fitted bodice that I can then adapt (boat neck, v-neck etc) and ambitiously draft a sleeve to fit the bodice!  
After that, who knows.  I don’t mind making multiple versions of the same dress, it doesn’t have to be a unique pattern each month.  I would like to rub-off a version of a RTW dress I wear all summer and there are loads of other patterns I’ve got stored in BurdaStyle favourites such as Coffee Date Dress or Danielle.

What about you, do you have 2012 sewing plans, will you give yourself a challenge like me?  Stevie has called them  Re-sewlutions which I think is a great name, do you have re-sewlutions?  What are you going to do better this year or what new skill are you going to pick up?
P.S. Its 2 years since I started this blog!  Can’t believe its gone so quickly and I can’t believe how rubbish I am at updating!  Next year will be different I promise!!!!!


  1. I'm going to try to do the same as you Louise, make some dresses for myself!! I;m loving the new look pattern you've got lined up and like you I wonder about the gathers above the waist but it is lovely and I want to give it a go. Just taking sewing back up again after a looong abscence...we'll see


  2. Hi Louise, thanks for commenting on my blog! I'll join you in spirit on the making more dresses front, but wasn't really planning to make twelve! Very best of luck with it, it's a great idea, I'll be cheering you from the sidelines! x

  3. Hi Louise, thanks for your comment on my blog :) Good luck with your dress re-sew-lution!

  4. Hi louise, I've got the New Look pattern too. Haven't done anything with ityet but looking at the others you've lined up, I want those too. I feel very similar, I need to wear dresses more often. Looking forward to seeing what you do. My blog is very old and only relates to cardmaking at the moment (not done that in a while) but hope to change that soon and start posting some of my fabric makes very soon.