Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Starting to panic

So I set myself a challenge to make a dress a month, its half way through the first month and I'm making very little progress!  Eeek!  Progress I have made

  • Bought myself a Lady Valet dummy
  • Set up dummy and padded it to resemble me ( a highly traumatic experience I'm not ready to blog about!)
  • Fiddled with New Look 6802 to fit it to me.  I think its about ok apart from the length.  I've done a FBA (first one!), made the whole thing bigger as I just can't seem to stop eating atm!  
What I still need to do
  • Check the sleeves, hopefully they will be ok
  • Make a muslin especially as I've made so many changes although I'm not sure about this as I would normally use calico but this is for a knit pattern so shouldn't it be done in a knit?  Any ideas?
  • Make the bloody thing!
Whats stopping me doing all this......

My living room atm

And the rest of my house looks like.....

so once my decorating finishes then I will be back to the sewing.... promise!


  1. Ahh DIY... great when finished, a right pain a le derriere during though. Good luck hun :)!

  2. Yes, we just did out living room up before Christmas, I am lucky though and have the spare bedroom set up as my craft room. I would love one of those lady valets but they are SO expensive. One day ....

  3. Louise I posted this on the comments of my blog but I didn't know if you'd read it:
    @Louise Yes I did! Personally i think I should have bought the purple! I've been here about a year, Whereabouts are you? Perhaps we should meet up for a coffee, It would be great to meet someone in the area who loves sewing!
    Email me on