Thursday, 29 March 2012

March Dress

I finished Simplicity 2209 this week, although I made a muslin to test the pattern I made a few rookie mistakes.  I made some adjustments to the bodice front to pinch in some excess fabric.


As you can see it altered the sewing line of the neckline, so I smoothed out the sewline, all seemed good EXCEPT I forgot about symmetry, the adjustment on the left was different to the adjustment on the right so the curve of the neckline was quite obviously not symmetrical! 


(can you see the left side of the neck line is very different to the right?! Doh!)

Once I realised my error I had to work out what to do, I spent ages trying to bring the sewing lines closer to symmetrical on the muslin ready to cut out a new bodice BUT I was a very small amount of fabric short!  Bugger!  So I spent ages fine tuning the bodice, it took about 3 or 4 adjustments each only shaving millimetres off but eventually I ended up with something I don’t hate!


Sorry for the rubbish photos!




I still want to take a little extra in on the waistline but other than that I like it!  I had a few compliments from friends when I wore this as well, always a good sign.  I need to make sure the neckline on the muslin is sorted out otherwise I’ll have the same problem again as I think I would like to make this dress again.  I fancy it in a solid linen probably a raspberry colour if I can find some. 

So that's Marchs dress done, dusted and worn!  And guess what I’ve already started on Aprils dress as I have a deadline unfortunately its all a bit Secret Squirrel so I can’t talk about it  but I might be able to drop a few hints if you’re interested!

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