Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What am I missing out on?

Am I the only blogger in the sewing community who just doesn’t get Pinterest

I signed up for it about a year ago but I just haven’t gotten the bug like everyone else has.  Everywhere I look on t’internet people are finding great things on Pinterest but I’m just not getting it.  Even the BBC had a feature on it recently. I have started a few boards looking at fabrics I like but then I lose interest and forget they are there.  I use Microsoft One Note as a way of making notes and storing links, lists and plans so maybe I don’t need Pinterest as well.  I follow LOADS of blogs so maybe that's why it doesn’t appeal to me, I get loads of inspiration from them instead.  I get these emails occasionally to say that someone is now following me and I think, ‘Good luck to you as I' never update it and you won’t get much input from me!’  What about you, do you use it?  Can you explain what's  so cool about it?  Or are you like me a bit bemused by the whole Pinterest thingy? 


  1. I am a Pinterest lover and I find it very helpful. It may be because I use the app on my iphone and things I have pinned, e.g. crochet patterns I don't have to remember which blog I saw them on or hunt round my various handbags for the notebook where I noted the link, I just know if I loved it I will have pinned it.
    So in essence its because I'm lazy :0)
    Kandi x

  2. I don't get it either. If I read something on a blog or elsewhere that I want to go back to then I simply put it in my sewing bookmarks folder. I suspect I might find it useful if I used lots of different computers, but I do 99% of my online reading on my netbook, so that's where my bookmarks are.

  3. I cant understand it either. If there are patterns and stuff I want to save I save them on my hard drive, or bookmark them in various folders. If I want to look at pictures I use google image. The most annoying thing for me is I used to use google image a lot to find things and could go straight to it but now I end up going to a pinterest board and finding the source is a nightmare as its usually been pinned a dozen times.