Thursday, 19 April 2012

Too much too young?

I want to make another version of Simplicity 2209 but need some advice.  Can a grown woman, late 30s, mother of 2, fairly conservative and plump carry off a gingham dress?  I do love the look of gingham but just a little afraid its too young for me. 


I like the darker larger gingham squares rather than little ones



I usually wear pinky/reddy colours but I’m afraid I’ll look a little too Italian-restauranty.


I don’t want to look like a school girl!


What do you think, to gingham or not to gingham?  I did want to make a raspberry linen version but I’m having trouble finding the right shade, I could go for a solid cotton (quilting cotton but don’t tell anyone!  The pattern can carry off less fluid fabrics) in the right colour instead.  What to do………


  1. I would be worried that I looked too much like Kirsty Allsop, but you could probably get away with it during the summer (if we have one!) sell gingham cheap enough to make a wearable muslin.

    If you are looking for plain quilting cotton, try klona from Backstitch, they sell lots of colours and it is only £5.50 metre. It is quite stiff to start with, I have used it to make a quilt but have sent the quilt away for quilting and so not sure how it washes up.

  2. Definitely go for it! I love gingham and am planning a navy dress for the summer. I fit your description exactly ( I'm a few years older) but I don't care! Yes, if you wear ankle socks and your hair in plaits you probably will look like a schoolgirl. But with the right pattern and grown up accessories I think gingham always looks lovely. x

  3. If you try and make an account for free, you can ask a question just like this and you're sure to get at least one response very quickly. The website has tons of clothes you can mix and match and check out the prices, I highly recommend it. Good Luck!