Sunday, 17 June 2012

Adventures in Cross stitching

As well as sewing I like to do cross stitch, especially as it’s something I can do while watching TV in the evening.  Miss C really likes Tatty Teddies which is always called Little Bear in our house.


A while ago I found a free cross stitch pattern for a Tatty Teddy image and Miss C nagged me to make it for her.  When I say a while ago it turns out it was over 2 years ago!!!!!  I finally finished it a few weeks ago and today I framed it.


She’s very chuffed with it and finally getting it finished meant I needed a new project.  I remembered a project I’d seen ages ago and saved the details of.  To make a cross stitch family! So I got some graph paper and coloured pencils out and the girls got to have their say in deciding what colours things should be and how their hair should be!  And this is what we came up with…


(Family name has been photo shopped out!)

You can’t see very well but hubby has LFC on his shirt as that's his team!  Miss C isn’t quite so short in relation to the rest of us but otherwise it works well and it was completed in less than a week rather than 2 years!


I think that's because the teddy has lots of graduated colours which do my head in like the Baby Sampler I did in the past. So cartoon things are much easier! 

Next I want to make something for my sewing room, some sort of sample with a quote.  Something like…..

  • Sewing mends the soul
  • Any day spent sewing is a good day.
  • Keep calm and sew on.
  • Measure twice, cut once.
  • May your bobbin always be full
  • Stitch your stress away (not sure about this one as sometimes my stitching is very stressful!!!!)
  • Sewing fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets.
  • Sewing: A creative mess is better than tidy idleness.
  • Sew much fabric, sew little time!
  • As ye sew, so shall ye rip.
  • I'm itching to be stitching!
  • Memories are stitched with love.
  • Keep Calm ~ and get the seam ripper.
  • My soul is fed with needle and thread.
  • I’m sew very happy
  • I cannot count my day complete ‘till needle, thread and fabric meet.
  • Stitch your stress away.
  • Sewing mends the soul.
  • Sewing is the New Black
  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro

Italics are my favourites at the moment, what do you think?  Which are your favourites? Do you have any others?

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  1. Love your tatty ted, I've got a soft spot for tatty ted stuff from an old flame of mine ;0)
    Love the quotes, my favourites are:
    Sewing mends the soul and I cannot count my day complete 'till needle, thread and fabric meet - that's me!
    Another of my favourites is, Love is the thread that mends broken hearts x