Sunday, 14 February 2010

Doh doh doh doh..........

How frustrating, annoying, and downright unfortunate. I'm in the middle of drafting my very first skirt using Cal Patch's Design it Yourself, I've made my first toile/muslin and I've pinched, pulled, and pinned the waistline, I've transferred the changes onto the pattern, I've redrawn my darts, I've smoothed my curves (not sure I squared my corners now I come to think of it...) and I've cut the fabric, pinned the darts, sat down to sew them and............. I have no working sewing machine! You see I have two very old machines from the same brand (New Home) . Yesterday I got OH to take my better machine into the sewing machine shop to get it serviced (has been years!) so I took the power cable & foot pedal along. This leaves me with a slightly inferior machine and cable at home, certainly good enough to finish my test skirt. Now it turns out that one of the cables I have works on both machines and one of the cables only works on the machine that is now in the shop! Guess which cable I have at home? Yep that's right the wrong one! And guess what, the shop is closed next week so it will be 2 weeks before I can get the machine or cable back! How will I survive 2 weeks without sewing and without being able to finish my skirt draft?! Have you ever had a similar situation, a unintended sewing famine? How will I survive, I will have forgotten everything about this skirt by the time I get the machine back! I might be a gibbering wreck in a few days, its half term holidays as well! How will I cope?! Just as well I ordered some cross stitch stuff yesterday I'll just have to lay in wait for the postman to arrive!

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