Friday, 5 February 2010

Pleated Yoked Skirt

After making Miss C her Yo-Yo Dress Miss M wanted to get in on the action so I made her a skirt. I used this brilliant tutorial from Ikat Bag for yoked pleated skirt. I bought 1 metre of City Girl Holiday by Kitty Yoshida to use for this project.

This was a brilliant tutorial to follow, clear, concise with q&a at various points to clarify things and was even funny!! Luckily the example measurements given were the same measurements I had! I'm quite pleased with my skirt, didn't make any many mistakes and those I did make were easily resolved. Miss M loves the fabric and the style is really great for her, I can see this being made again and again every time we find lovely fabric! Miss C will probably want one as well!

(Miss M ready for her friends party convinced that all reds should be worn together!

Check out the gaps in her teeth!)

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  1. Louise - brilliant! Oh I am so glad you invited me to come see! Love the outcome and am so glad it worked for you even with my bungling mismeasurements in Step 9 or wherever it was. Phew! Here's something I realized after sewing the pleated pinafore (in the next post after my pleated skirt one) - I think in future skirts, I'm going to make the pleated section wider so they flare out more after being attached to the yoke. Right now I'm working with the 45" width that the fabric comes in but as Emily gets taller and her skirts get longer, they look less and less cute with a narrow pleated part. So I am planning to join more fabric, to make it 50"++ wide (i.e. I might use a 2.5x ratio for the gathered/pleated portion)- they'll flare better. If I ever get round to editing my post itself, I'll put it in. This has nothing to do at all with your photos, which are perfect! Yours is the first new comment since I thought of this, so I'm just sharing my overly-type A thoughts with you!