Sunday, 7 February 2010


I went to a fair yesterday at the Brighton Centre at which I bought lot of lovelies which I thought I would share with you and some of the lovely exhibitors I met. The buttons above came from a local company called The Button Company which is based in Chichester. They make and dye their own buttons made from polyester rather than nylon according to the the lovely lady serving me. They had oodles of lovely buttons in different shapes and shade and very individual ones. I don't really need the buttons for anything specific but really wanted to buy some! The ones above remind me of jelly sweets and look scrumptious to eat so much so that they have been commandeered by Miss C to use in her sweet shop game!

There were some lovely fabric retailers there as well including Stitch Witch, Sunflower Quilting Corner, Eternal Maker but my absolute favourite was a tiny little stall run by a lovely lady called Fiddlesticks Fabric who runs an online shop through ebay. Her fabrics were so special and different, as she said her customers are slightly younger so they want fabric that's different. That means she has loads of cute, funky and different fabrics rather than lots of florals as you sometimes get from some retailers. She said she had only just got her new stock in from the US and hadn't even got it online yet so check out her shop in the next few days so more gorgeous lovelies (I know I will, just don't tell DH!)

Look at this!

How sickenly cute is this???!

a few close ups-

I'm thinking I might use this as applique material for the girls clothes as they are so stinkingly adorable!

I also bought 2m of this lovely flowery fabric from her. I just thought it looked so happy and would make a great spring skirt.

Which might get made using with the present I bought for myself which arrived in the post the same day!

I was tempted to buy this book after Florence raved about it the other day. I wanted to learn the basics of dressmaking and pattern drafting and this book looks ideal for that, it has basic patterns for skirt, trousers, t-shirts, tops and dresses although I'm not sure the dresses would suit my curvy frame but we'll see. I poured over the book last night (who though reading pattern instructions would be interesting!) and have lots of ideas. As I mentioned before I want to make a simple a-line skirt in beautiful fabrics like Boden skirts but without the Boden price! Ideally this book will give me by perfect pattern for a simple skirt so I can then experiment with all the lovely fabrics out there (Watch out Fiddlesticks Fabrics)!

My other purchases were not crafty or fabric but gifts instead! Some for me but also for MIL

This one is for my MIL birthday coming up soon.

This one is for me! and so are these........

and these.......

...and these!

I think that's enough goodies for one day, I better go read my book somemore so I can actually make something!

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