Friday, 10 December 2010

Advent Calender Sew Along #3 - Still going!

So I finished my Advent Calender with 3 ornaments on Nov 30 so I've been sewing like mad every evening to get the rest finished.  Here's what I've done so far........

One for each of the family, I was doing Matts while he was watching his football team Liverpool play and when I asked what colours he wanted it came out in their team colours, so I put a little LFC on it for him!!

It's both my girls birthdays in Dec so I made a parcel for Miss C for her birthday, still got Miss Ms to make but she's already told me to colours she wants!

This is my favourite bunch so far, I made the snowman last night and he is too cute.  I also like the holly as I feel it was well made.  Not so keen on the colours of the stocking, but it will do.  I've still got 8 left to do, one of them will be another parcel for Miss M and we all want a star on 24 so I need 6 more ideas.....  Think I'll have a trawl through the Homemade By You Flikr group.  I'm having trouble uploading my pictures to Flikr so I haven't been able to add mine, will try again!


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