Sunday, 10 June 2012

Things I've learnt from Susan Khaljie!

Well I finally got round to finishing watching Susan Khaljies Couture Dress course on, I started it ages ago and for no real reason stalled in the middle.  I had already started using some of the techniques she teaches in the muslin stage (BIG seam allowances, transferring all the markings etc) but I didn't finish the sewing stages.  Today I caught up.  Well what can I say other than the woman is a sewing goddess!  She obviously knows her stuff and has so much experience behind her, when she tells you to do something in a particular way, well you just better well do it that way, she's telling you for a reason! I've had lots of duh moments when I've finally got something I'd previously read about (lapped zips) and lots of lightbulb moments when I realised how much better that method would be (ignore seam allowances and concentrate on the sewing line)! So this is what Susan has taught me.....

  • its much easier keeping pins in a box rather than pin cushion
  • plan, plan, plan!
  • muslins are your test garment which then become your pattern
  • mark lines with carbon paper
  • 1 inch seam allowance
  • spend time working out fabric patterns, checks/plaid etc
  • Baste seams prior to sewing
  • sew intersecting seams first NOT whole seam!
  • silk organza!  Where can I get some and how much does it cost?
  • beeswax to strengthen thread
  • not to be scared of hand stitching!
  • how to make a bra carrier

Now I'm not convinced that couture garments are going to feature all that heavily in my future plans (not very practical for SAHM, a bit overdressed for the school run!) but the techniques can be applied to all levels of sewing or at least that's my plan.  Seriously if you haven't already followed this course, its is very much worth it.
I know Gertie also has 2 courses on which have had a very popular following but my reluctance with those was the end garments weren't my cup of tea but if the level of knowledge is as good as Susan then I might reconsider. I have also purchased the Sassy Librarian Blouse course but I'm not sure when I'll get round to it to be honest.  Might have to wait till after the summer!

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